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Originally Posted by edrex View Post
This is getting pretty old...
Yes it is.
This has gone on for far too long and the updates have been either slow or non-existent.

I would like to see an updated list and a timeline of when payments are expected to be made.
Times may well be tough for you Expertish but they are just as tough for others, and they gave you money. You need to make this right as promptly as possible.

Originally Posted by Freagan View Post
After this debacle and the whole Gunpal thing... I just don't get how the mods keep protecting the guys who do this. This is as blatantly fraud as the Gpal case was.
What protection are you seeing?
The part where participation in this thread is limited to those involved and are owed money?
Exactly what is it you think opening the thread up to a general dogpile is going to do? What benefit do you see to that?
Do you really think it's going to do anything beyond adding more noise, more vitriol and less viable information on a subject already lacking in information?

Originally Posted by Eljay View Post
There's a long, long history of the mods deleting posts out of these threads - often 10-20 at a time. If you subscribe to the thread you can see all kinds of stuff that doesn't last long.

Yes there is, 11 this time since people seem to think they are exempt from the posted warning.
They are not and some have lost access to the General Guns forum because of it.

So, to summarize.
If you're involved feel free to discuss, ask questions and share information.
If not I would advise that you stay out of it unless you wish to be kept out of it.
Expertish, resume weekly updates, who is being paid, when and a brief description of what you are doing in order to be able to pay these people back.
You took their money in good faith, not only do you owe them their money you owe it to them to be as forthcoming and frequent with information as possible.
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