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Originally Posted by Fishslayer View Post
Why would I buy non reloadable plastic ammo when I can be green and recycle my brass cases?
You said it, Fishslayer--AMEN. Reloaded ammo that you made yourself is about the most "Liberal" enviro-greenie ammo you can get!

It's even more enviro-greenie if you cast, 'cause then you're also recycling lead, keeping it out of the landfills.

Where's Greenpeace when we need 'em?

PolyCase Ammunitionís single-use cases prevent reloading, thereby ensuring only highly reliable, non-reloaded ammunition is used by consumers and public security forces.
Hmm...sounds to me like this company doesn't want us to reload. Their implication is that reloaded ammo is not "highly reliable". Whoops. That's a red flag right there. No thanks, I'll stick to Boxer/brass.

They want to really be green? They ought to be encouraging the Euros to switch from Berdan to Boxer.
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