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Originally Posted by f308gt4 View Post
Another option that I am thinking about is the MechTech, if you already have a glock (or 1911). Basically remove your slide and install the MechTech "upper" to covert your pistol into a carbine. Looks like its around $500 for a system with stock. Use your existing glock frame (although it requires a filed down mag release to act as a bullet button).

I understand that you can just buy a frame from places like LoneWolf, etc, if you want to make it a stand alone carbine.
The only difficulties here are:

1. Unlike Federal law, CA Penal Code does not allow the frame to be reassembled as a pistol. Nice if you have a spare frame lying around and aren't worried about that, though.

2. Can't order a stripped handgun frame from Lone Wolf unless the purchaser is exempt from the "Safe Handgun List". Occasionally, a frame comes up on the sale forum and can be PPT'd, but not often and usually for a vastly inflated price.

3. By the time one finds and purchases a frame plus the Mech Tech upper, the cost outweighs the price of a Thureon Defense or JR carbine - at least it did when I was looking at them.

One could also assemble this in a featureless configuration by adding a grip wrapped frame to the standard, non-collapsible stocked Mech Tech upper. I just wouldn't pay the price for it.
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