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Originally Posted by Armed24-7 View Post
Wow....5 days a week? How do you find time to do your regular job?
Don't recall saying I had a regular job? I retired 3 years ago this February, from my regular job. Just got another call this morning, I'm working 6 days this week. But the pay job rate is great, so I'm not complaining.

Originally Posted by Armed24-7 View Post
Also, I would like to know which department allows a reserve to handle a "dead body" call. Reserves do not get the training and education necessary to handle such a thing. Although I could see you assisting another officer with a dead body call.
I can't speak for your department, I can tell you our department is vastly different form the examples you've given, we are trained to the level of a solo beat officers (that's just the culture of our Department) and we handle all the calls in our beat, there are no different patrols or beats for Reserves Officers, and as such, we are expected to perform as regulars while on duty or at least be able to figure out we needs to done, and if in doubt we can alway ask another Officer. At our Department we have the same training as the Regulars, plus we do our own in-house training that is specific to the Reserves. Seems there are varying differences between Reserve programs. As far as the dead bodies, they weren't murders, just bodies (both overdoses), but had it been a murder, I would taken the initial report and then the Homicide Unit would take it from there. It's really no different than any other report.

Worth noting, in no shape or form do I think I am as qualified or knowledgeable as most of our regulars Officers, I've been handling solo beats for 17 years and have yet have an issue as it relates to being a Reserve of being under trained. Each time I go out I learn something new. I try to use a level head, I have lots of examples to follow in my reports logs and I continue to enjoy learning (sharping the sword) .


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