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Originally Posted by TripleThreat View Post
I pretty much tried to convey that message with most of the post I've written here. But I can't help but think that having a Father that was full time for many, paired with being a Reserve Officer for over 17 years myself, gives me "some" insight to what it must being a full time officer.

I've working as a Reserve 5 days this week alone, one of my assignments is consider the most violent assignment in our City; currently working there twice a week until who knows when. I think I can stretch and imagine what it could be like to be a full time officer locally and admitted partly because of that, I'm glad I'm not.

I'll add this: About 10 year ago, I had went on patrol twice in one week, both of those days I had handled a dead body call, both bodies were in the restrooms of businesses that were open and had lots of customers coming and going during my investigation. I was glad I didn't have to come back the next day, very glad.

Wow....5 days a week? How do you find time to do your regular job? Also, I would like to know which department allows a reserve to handle a "dead body" call. Reserves do not get the training and education necessary to handle such a thing. Although I could see you assisting another officer with a dead body call.

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