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Originally Posted by TrailerparkTrash View Post
I respectfully disagree with the thing about comparing a reserve to a full time "regular" officer/deputy. It's NOT the same thing. A book can be written on the differences between the two, but it's too long to mention here. Also, many reserves tend to get offended when a regular happens to mention that fact in a civil manner.

Again, it's not the same thing. Being a cop day in and day out full time is a life commitment as someone else already pointed out. I come from a family (immediate family) of both full time and reserve cops. There is a total difference between the two classes.

Nothing wrong with the reserve route, but it never has been, nor never will be a "full time" life of a cop. A reserve can never understand that the ups and downs of being a cop on duty 40+ hours per week for 10, 20, 30+ years etc.... really puts a damper on ones "soul" (for lack of better words). So, to the OP, my point is just remember that the two positions might wear the same uniform, but it's not the same thing. Again, a book can be written about explaining the difference and this format isn't long enough.
On LASD, reserves are appreciated. I respect them for volunteering their time to the cause. But I have to agree with the above comments. Reserves do not get nearly the training we do. On LASD, reserves are generally sheltered. The dispatchers are careful not to give them many calls and they are not dispatched to handle high risk calls. However, reserves are allowed to roll to our high risk calls to help out.

I know a couple of reserves that can handle quite a bit and have good heads on their shoulders. But most reserves have NO business working patrol. I have seen them do some pretty scary stuff.

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