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Originally Posted by TacticalPlinker View Post
Do you know which employee it was?

They seem to have hired several newer people over the last few months and I don't have faith in any of them. The good news is they don't seem to last more than a few weeks.

I'm not sure what Rob is doing. I guess it's hard to find good help these days, but as I said newer employees don't seem to last so I'm sure Rob is aware of their personality and their actions (voice)...

The bigger guy "DW" is a bit "odd", but he's good guy. I haven't seen him lately though, not sure if he's still there.

Rob's daughter and wife often work there as well. Judgement is "still out" on them because I have respect for Rob.

They need to get on Calguns. I'll have to talk with Rob next time I see him (after they reopen).

I believe it was the DW guy. Just because of him I dont go there anymore, just more of a personal annoyance then anything.

Again, I really enjoyed my time with the owner though, wish all my experiences were like that.
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