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Originally Posted by JMP View Post
A long term relationship could a problem because it is $$$$$--I'd assume you'd need to buy her purses, shoes, jewelry, dinner, AND guns'n'ammo.

Originally Posted by JMP View Post
It's okay, didn't 5.56 expose you as an Obama sycophant?
I also harbor illegal aliens, use the Constitution as toilet paper, and voted for DiFi. Man, he's good.

Also, the date was going quite well - until it RAINED. We'll be going to some place in Joshua Tree tomorrow for some folksy band I've never listened to, but hopefully it will be enjoyable. Apparently I'm trustworthy. Thanks for all of the advice, CalGuns. I can finally say with confidence that people on the internet have positively affected my life.
Originally Posted by John Stark
Live free or die. Death is not the worst of evils.
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