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Originally Posted by Capybara View Post

If you check the other Glass Factory thread at the top of this forum, you'll see that we are brainstorming ways we can make a BIG cleanup happen, probably at the end of January. I am beginning a list of volunteers in that thread, please post up there and I will add your name to the list.

One of the challenges is no matter which weekend we choose to do it, it will always be bad for about 30-40% of the volunteers. So if we want 40-50 Calgunners to show up, we really need commitments from about 80 of them. There is a trash company up there, Marborg, who will probably bring us some dumpsters, that's why it will be important to get some press for them, for Calguns and I am throwing out the idea to get some local Boy Scout troops involved, I have some Scouting connections.

Would love to have you join us, we really need to get just about every Ventura and Santa Barbara Calgunner we can to join in.
Really? In that case... I'm pretty much available anytime. I'll need a ride of some sort because I'm in Ventura.

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