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Default Custom PVC Patches Offered - Military, Police, Fire, ETC Discount


We harshly scratch a patch with a fork and no damage is done! Our products are extremely durable.

Hey guys I haven't posted on here about the main part of my business: Custom PVC Patches. I designed these patches after my airsoft team was unable to purchase patches without paying hundreds of dollars to get over a hundred, when there was only 4 people on our team.

I created a new type of patch that has limited or no setup cost depending on what you want; and starts out at only $5 a patch, even if you're only ordering 2 patches. This includes velcro backing.

But these patches aren't "quality cheaper" then embroidery. They are made by hand and it's a lot more time consuming then most realize. We just don't charge a setup fee to run hundreds of patches through a machine or worse yet out-source to China. Instead of paying for quantity, you pay for quality, and quality alone.

Patches are made out of vinyl, also known as PVC. They are more durable then embroidered patches, in that they do not fade, fray, crack or otherwise deteriorate. Designs are cut out and heat pressed onto a PVC/Polyester blend fabric which is also highly durable and water-proof, and looks really good.

One type is known as vinyl patches and it allows for specialty backgrounds and/or foregrounds such as replica ir (carbon fiber), glow in dark, shiny silver/gold, and much much more.

The other is known as photatches and is the most common nowadays. No limits in color or detail, the sky is the limit with these patches. They look amazing.

Many more pictures and a lot of information on our website:

Photatches, text-only patches, and name tapes can be ordered instantly online. Vinyl patches by email. It's all on the website. Feel free to post any questions though

We offer a discount of 10% to military, police, and fire departments. We verify by either shipping to a military address or getting an email from an official police, etc email address.

Also we sell "tactical soft velcro shirts" with velcro sewn on the sleeves for easy patch customization. Ten bucks.

Link to more info on the discount:

Also offering custom decals specialized to be used on guns. (Furniture mostly, not any parts that get too hot as they will likely melt!) To learn more go to this link:

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