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Originally Posted by hoffmang View Post
1. This is not a pistol grip. When attached to the firearm, please show me where the stock is.

2. A pistol style grasp has a meaning and this is a rifle style grasp. There are quite a few M1A stocks that are almost exactly the same.

3. If there is confusion, then it's a comment on the law and not the stock. It's the sense of CGF that we can defend anyone accused of having a "by features AW" when simply using this stock.

To comment on the points you made -

1. I don't see anywhere in the law where being able to hold a weapon using a pistol style grasp at some point on the weapon and use as a stock are mutually exclusive. A thumb-hole stock is one example of that - clearly incorporating a grip that can be held with a "pistol style grasp". AlexDD's photoshopped picture would be another extreme case of that where the "thumb-hole" portion has been opened up. Would that configuration be ok too? It seems to me that just because you can shoulder a weapon from a given point doesn't mean it can't be held using a pistol style grasp at another point.

2. This stock still allows a pistol style grasp as defined in the written portion of the law quoted above. Is there a different portion of the law defining a rifle style grasp? Can you provide an image on another rifle which has a "rifle style grasp" where the web of the hand is allowed to protrude below the action of the weapon and a fixed magazine is not required? All of the M1A stocks I've seen that do not require the use of a bullet button keep the web of the hand well above the action of the rifle.

3. I guess that may be good information to know for someone willing to take on this risk. To me, there are too many other options which are not pushing the envelope of the law. Hopefully no one will have to be the test case. Because regardless of being defensible, the process of being charged and having to prove one's innocence can still ruin a life and livelihood.

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