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I have not posted for a while in this thread because I have been uncertain what to post so far here is what I know:

About a week and half ago the host of the Build Party location was walking across the property when he collapsed and stopped breathing. There was a neighbor visiting that gave CPR and called 911.

Upon being brought into the ER the doctors determined the cause to be a brian tumor the size of a golf ball. He under went surgery on Nov 23 to remove the tumor. It was a success the doctor was able to completly remove the tumor and he was able to text me by Nov 24.

I did not want to post the bad news here on Thanksgiving. But figured I would inform everyone that the party would have be canceled or put on hold.

At this point after our most recent phone conversation I am happy to announce to party will go on as scheduled. Prayers to the property host for a speedy recovery.

Thank you all.
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