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Originally Posted by Dustyzz View Post
Thank you for the quick reply! I did think of the 10 round mag limit for the Berretta and ordered a Promag 10 round magazine yesterday. To be 100% legal, will I need to get rid of, disassemble or destroy 15 round mag?
It's perfectly legal for you to keep and use the 15 round magazine since you possessed it in California before the ban. But you can't give, lend, sell or offer it for sale in California anymore.

Originally Posted by Dustyzz View Post
Also the Remington shotgun is bone stock, so it doesn't appear to fall into any of the illegal categories.
I didn't think it would. Somebody would have had to change out the original stock to a pistol grip style with folding/collapsing buttstock, which isn't common with 20 gauge Model 1100 shotguns.

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