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Originally Posted by RUGER2 View Post
It usually cost 17 bucks for the first person and 14 bucks for the second person sharing the lane. Why are we paying more to use the lanes if you have a large group??
Basically we are paying two fees.

1st fee is cost per shooter.
2nd fee is a flat $100/hr for after hours range rental that is evenly split across everyone (2 hrs = $200). The cost per shooter reduces the more people we have, but until we get over 28 people, it won't go down since that is the break even point for $20 dollars. Anything less than 28 people we are getting a very significant discount (the less people the steeper the discount) Tonight there are 23 people saying they will go (not counting maybes). If all 23 show up, then each person is paying $11.30 / person to shoot, and splitting the range rental fee 23 ways for $8.70.

Believe me the $20 sounds like a lot, but given that they still allow access to the rental guns, AR shooting (normally a members only function), and full use of the facilities, all after hours (which means overtime pay) they are giving us an pretty good discount. With 23 people we are getting an 8% discount. And typically we run in the upper teens of people showing up and then it is close to a 20% discount.

Hope this clears it up!
-Sean Casey
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