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Originally Posted by hoffmang View Post
1. This is not a pistol grip. When attached to the firearm, please show me where the stock is.

2. A pistol style grasp has a meaning and this is a rifle style grasp. There are quite a few M1A stocks that are almost exactly the same.

3. If there is confusion, then it's a comment on the law and not the stock. It's the sense of CGF that we can defend anyone accused of having a "by features AW" when simply using this stock.

i'm not buying this. if a promag archangel stock integrates an SB23 pistol grip (which i think it clearly does), then so does this. is it the sense of CGF that you can defend anyone accused of possessing a by-features AW when using an archangel?

i think a prosecutor could fairly easily convince a jury that the grip can be integral to a larger component -- the stock -- and that such a grip isn't thus relieved of the burden of remaining compliant with the SB23 definition of a "pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon."

sorry, thordo -- i love your stuff, and this thing is tremendously creative, but i think it's problematic.
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