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Originally Posted by wsmc27 View Post
Wowie, a good thread gone bad?

Was searching for G34 info, dros'ed one a couple days ago. Joined USPSA last week. Gonna go learn things and shoot more in 2013.

That said, wondering to learn from the guys that actually know:

Re: the brake on the AR...
Would a brake also be useful for older competitor who can run featureless and run 20/30rd mags? Do the 3 gun matches in CA run both like 'open' and limited (10rd) for pistols and/or rifles re: mag capacity?

2 of our 3 AR's run brakes, so am pleased to know we are starting in the right direction.

re: G34 mods

Best to shoot the hell out of it a while, or do I really HAVE TO HAVE a DP f/o front sight and maybe something from Glocktriggers or Vanek or (TELL ME YOUR FAV TRIGGER MODS and/or AFTERMARKET KIT SUPPLIER)?

Thanks guys. Appreciate very much the sharing of knowledge here on CG from the experienced shooters.
Can't remember if G34's come with the 3.5/4.5 lbs trigger but I would say that is a must upgrade. I would get a Glock OEM minus connector (it has a minus on the back of the connector, yours probably has a dot) or a Scherer. I'd go that route first and then when you get to the point where you know it will matter go big and you'll know where to go by then.

For sights I think its really more personal preference than what is the best and it depends on the range of the targets. So I would pick up different guns and check out their sight picture before you drop a dime on sights. If you go the competition route you will probably have a chance to see many sight pictures on different guns.
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