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Default A couple of questions

I have several firearms ( 2 handguns (Colt Python and Berretta 9mm), 2 rifles (444 Marlin and Winchester pump 22), and a shotgun (20ga Remington 1100LT) that I acquired all in the early 80's ('81 to '84 time frame)in Texas... the 2 hand guns were purchased at Gun Shows, one rifle and the shotgun were gifts from my father, and the 22 pump was inherited from my grandfather. I moved to California in 1989 and all these firearms have been sitting in a gun safe since that time. I am thinking about selling a couple of these guns and possibly start regularly going to the gun range. My question is, what do I need to do (if anything) to make these firearms legal in California so that I may use them or sell them at my discretion?

Thanks for your responses,

JR Long
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