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El Cajon BLM map.

(The yellow areas are the BLM lands. You should be able to zoom in and read even the tiniest print if you open images in new tabs. I ordered this map recently, but it's marked 1997.... )




(I've tried the smaller plots along the 94, but no luck... I'll be honest, I really, really hate this map and this entire "find a spot" bullsh*t. Doesn't it make sense to channel all of these shooters into a few *sanctioned* spots around the city, as opposed to sending them all over the damned place shooting up the countryside everywhere they can? If we had our own lands then a) the risk of starting a fire in a random hill anywhere in the countryside is drastically reduced. B) The folks that live around the BLM lands can live in peace. C) Less trash in the countryside that's left by shooters. D) Police and border patrol will finally get us out of their hair. Really all we need is some kind of caretaker to ensure that no one is doing stupid ****, like dumping or shooting a tree. /end rant.)
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