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Originally Posted by Rimfire123 View Post
Hi, I found the following in 795 manual, does it mean you never have to clean the bore?
BTW, I mostly use walmart's cheap Federal ammo.
please advice.

Cleaning the bore
Since modern ammunition burns very
cleanly, with normal use it is not necessary
to clean the bore of your rifle. However, if it
gets wet, or if any foreign material gets
into the action or barrel, cleaning as
described below is recommended.

Honestly, I'd run a boresnake/patch through it for the peace of mind. That's just me though. As for my 795, she has been sitting locked up since I first shot it with the new sights (OEM Marlin adjustable sights) and really didn't have to change them. Work has really killed my chances at getting to the range; graveyard shifts and sleeping during normal business hours doesn't mix.
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