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Originally Posted by BMartin1776 View Post
does any of it matter when the demoncrats now hold a supermajority. Just a matter of time till they outlaw the thought of owning a gun
I am no lawyer or history scholar but I did notice a similarity in some cases that are among the most important in our republic. Heller, McDonald, Sykes and some others (MD carry case) second amendment cases were against who? Chicago and DC.

In this war, California is the western front. DC, New Jersey, Massachusetts and New York are the eastern front. Chicago is the enemy behind the gates. Wars are won or lost on the front lines, not by claiming battle fatigue and resting in the rear.

The second amendment will be defined in court because of an anti state and that is MUCH harder to reverse than a currently friendly legislature in a free state.

Please join the cause and donate.

Originally Posted by Wherryj View Post
I am a physician. I am held to being "the expert" in medicine. I can't fall back on feigned ignorance and the statement that the patient should have known better than I. When an officer "can't be expected to know the entire penal code", but a citizen is held to "ignorance is no excuse", this is equivalent to ME being able to sue my patient for my own malpractice-after all, the patient should have known better, right?

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