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Originally Posted by savannah View Post
That is bull. It is DROS'd with a serial number. That gun should be in a safe waiting for you.
it is sitting in a safe, at the Rancho warehouse or at one of the others stores.
Originally Posted by 223556 View Post
+1, cant do a DROS on a handgun without a serial number
they did have a serial number to do the DROS, they got it from their company-wide inventory system.

And, if they made a mistake by typing in the wrong number, or accidentily double-selling that particular handgun, they can do a DROS correction with a new serial number.

Originally Posted by 6789olds View Post
That's what I thought to. Can they get a serial of the gun on the computer ? that was sitting in the warehouse ?
yes they can, and yes they did.. unfortunately mistakes happen. When you have 10+ stores, stuff works differently than if you are a small time shop.

I'd ask for some sort of compensation, perhaps a box of ammo for your time.

Do you want an AOW or C&R SBS/SBR in CA?

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