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Originally Posted by wsmc27 View Post

Re: the brake on the AR...
Would a brake also be useful for older competitor who can run featureless and run 20/30rd mags? Do the 3 gun matches in CA run both like 'open' and limited (10rd) for pistols and/or rifles re: mag capacity?

Best to shoot the hell out of it a while, or do I really HAVE TO HAVE a DP f/o front sight and maybe something from Glocktriggers or Vanek or (TELL ME YOUR FAV TRIGGER MODS and/or AFTERMARKET KIT SUPPLIER)?
Hey man,
A brake is extremely useful and I have them on my class gun too. For competition, you're going to want a brake, especially when you have targets in the 30-70y range that you need to double tap.
For pistol mag capacity, the rules are similar to USPSA Limited. For rifle, you can run a beta mag if you want! Highlander alluded to different rule sets. There is no governing body for 3-gun so local clubs just choose what they want (as it should be IMO).
I assume your location is San Diego? If yes, here is a section of the email that discusses rules for Pala:

"We use International Multi-Gun Association rules for our 3 gun match. Here is a link for Superstition Mystery Mt 3 gun rules, which are the same ones we use.

The few exceptions we have changed are;

Lead shot up to 00 buck is allowed at Pala 3 gun
We allow up to 00 buck to be used in all shotguns.
We do allow auto shotgun in HM limited as well as pump shotgun in HM optics.
As of now we will not abide by the “failure to do right” rule recently implemented by SMM3Gun."
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