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Originally Posted by boomer135 View Post
So I am active duty military and own a machine gun (Yes I have the approved form 4)

Help me through the process of a CA machine gun permit, so I can take my MG with me to CA, instead of having to store it in my home state or Reno NV.
Like the others have stated, it's not going to happen.

For a MG, you need a Dangerous Weapons Permit for a MG.

In order to get approved for one, you need a "good cause".
Personal use is not an approved "good cause".
Only thing I can think of that may get approved as a "good cause", is that your Base Commander and Commanding Officer give written statements that say something to the effect that you need it for official military use.

Also, be advised that Dangerous Weapons Permit holders have special restrictions that they must adhere to.

Such as paying an initial permit fee ($371), paying an annual renewal fee ($165 for one MG), registering all the locations that the MG will be stored, registering all the vehicles that will transport the MG and being subject to CA DOJ BOF inspection audits.

Also, keep in mind...
Not renewing permit = confiscation of MG
Storing the MG in a non-registered location = revocation of permit & confiscation of MG
Transporting the MG in a non-registered vehicle = revocation of permit & confiscation of MG
Using the MG in a method that is beyond the scope of your good cause = revocation of permit & confiscation of MG

It's not worth the $$$$ and headaches to try and bring your MG into CA.
Store it outside of CA and go visit it when on leave.

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