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Originally Posted by JohnnyCruz View Post
So my brother recently got his CCW, I was surprised. Not because of his character or past (good guy / clean record) but just the fact he was able to get one. I jokingly said I wouldn't have a chance because of my past, he said to check into it. So after reading through tons of google searchs I came across the Calguns forum and eventually this thread. So my question is, do I have a snowball's chance in hell to get a CCW?

Currently my driving record is clean, but I have had my fair share of tickets in the past. But that is not why I am worried. When I was 18 I was arrested and convicted of Misdemeanor Grand Theft. Then, in 2004 I was arrested and convicted for carrying a loaded and concealed firearm in my vehicle (Misdemeanor).

Fast forward and now I am a 35 year old Insurance Agent, Married with 3 kids. The worse offense I've made in the last 8 years was related to my wife and timely household chores .I've had to overcome my past before. When I applied for my Fire and Casualty Insurance License I was denied initially but I appealed the decision. I went before a judge and represented myself against a DOI Attorney and won. But getting a CCW ? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Go for it and call Adam if it is denied. You never know.
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Sacramento would declare martial law sooner than they'd meet with Gandhi, Gautama Budda, and Jesus Christ if the three were packing heat.
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Even people not from San Francisco can appreciate a good public spanking like this.
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