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Originally Posted by ZombieTactics View Post
Specifically? Probably not much.
In principle? Quite a bit.

That whole situation is so sad for all involved. Unit policy was to always have at least one officer "standing guard" in situations like that. Sadly, the policy wasn't followed.
Not just that particular case. The author talks about situations and in the comment section other coppers chime in with other thoughts. Good bit of exchange.


• Ambush can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone, so don’t let “routine” degrade your awareness (without getting paranoid or living in a perpetual state of condition orange)
• Understand the difference between the types of ambush — unprovoked (impromptu) attack and deliberate (preplanned entrapment)
• In an ambush attack — particularly one that is pre-planned and deliberate — the likelihood that you’ll be coming up against an assailant armed with a center-fire rifle increases dramatically
• In a preplanned entrapment ambush, the assailant may have cached weapons and/or ammo in different places, and may (like in the case of Jeremiah Engleton in Pleasanton, Texas in 1999) dial 911 to lure officers into a kill zone
• Even an impromptu ambush can be somewhat pre-planned (remember, that the bad guys do their own form of when-then thinking, and as shooters, they sometimes train harder and more frequently than the good guys)
• There is an increase in the number of cluster-casualty ambush attacks — some ambush attacks seek to exploit the staggered arrival of solo officers, while others may seek out a group of officers assembled in one place
o The foiled plot of the Hutaree (a.k.a. “the Michigan Militia) was to first ambush and murder a single officer, and then use bombs and rifles to ambush officers attending the fallen LEO’s funeral
o In Washington, Maurice Clemmons actually performed both types of cluster-casualty ambush, killing those four cops gathered at Forza Coffee in Lakewood, and then trying to lure one-at-a-time victims to the abandoned “bait” vehicle in Seattle (thanks to Officer, Ben Kelly, Clemmons did not survive the day)
• While an ambush is relatively easy to set up (even a pair of 12-year-old boys can do it), in many circumstances the attacker(s) will be ill-prepared to repel an aggressive, well-executed counterambush
I guess I'll find out for myself when the full Counter Ambush package arrives within the next couple of weeks (they screwed up the fulfillment ("system error") so the DVDs come first and then the rest of the package).
Their drills are bloodless battles, and their battles bloody drills.
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