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Originally Posted by A Fatal Err View Post
I've been at CampPen for over 5 years and I know what the rules are. It's really not that hard. I talked to my Capt, he talked to my Bn Co. who then wrote a letter to the BC. For you to quickly bash someone just because maybe you haven't done it is just plain stupid. As far as the "A bona fide necessity exists for the use of personally owned assault weapons in sanctioned military activities" goes, you can participate in a number of events such as our 3 gun events and other things the Marines have.

But no, I must be making up the fact that I LEGALLY have my AR with it's evil features registered to the state of well as a number of my other friends.
1. Up until now you have basically stated that it is easy and everyone could get one no problem. Given our responses, if you do indeed have one it should be clear that you are the exception not the rule.

2. Until we brought it up you mentioned nothing about a base CO letter.

3. I highly doubt that CADOJ views optional 3 gun competitions as "A bona fide necessity" If your base commander assumed that risk then lucky you. Granted I still find that difficult to believe that you are the only servicemember I've heard from that still has a MAWP after the changes in late 2010 especially given the plethora of CG members that we must have stationed at Camp Pendleton.

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