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Default Off List Handgun Purchase Question

I have a friend who is a both Calif & Utah resident.

I would like to purchase a NEW Walther PPQ, I couldn't find it on the list.

He can buy it in Utah.

Can he return to Calif and legally transfer/sell the PPQ to me via FFL?

The PPQ comes with 15 rnd mags. If legal to transfer/sell gun, should he purchase mags (what 10 or 12 round I don't know any more) in Utah and include them the box, removing the 15 round mags?

Also due to possible price savings I am interested in getting S&W 686, S&W 649 or S&W 638.

If legal to have him buy New in Utah, and transfer via CA FFL, I read somewhere that the 1 handgun per 30 days limit does not apply?
Thus we could process say 3 of these handguns at same time?

I have seen from digging around on the internet, some FFL dealers working out of their house in my general area. Is there any benefit from doing the transfer from a retail store FFL or a home base FFL?

I don't know if it is ok ask this question, ignore or delete the question if not ok...

What are the fees on top of the licensing that FFL may charge for the transfer?

Your input / feedback is much appreciated....
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