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Originally Posted by GMG View Post
My my best friend. been together for 36yrs and married for 34 yrs.

This both our second marriages, we both thought had it been our first it would have never lasted. If I refer to her as my wife, she would refer to me as her husband. I feel blessed!

We have six rug rats between us, 43 - 55 yrs of age. not counting grand kids & great grand kids.

God life is beautiful !
It's not referring to her as your wife that we are talking about. It is using the phrase "The wife...." Example: Someone asks you if you would like to go to dinner and you respond "Let me ask THE wife..." as opposed to "Let me ask MY wife" Using 'my" is referring to her using "the" is more like referring to her in the third person(I'm wrong on that, I know but I can't figure out if "my" is in the second or first and I am too medicated to think about it)
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