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I have a digital micrometer, but the scale is the analog Lee safety scale. Powder dispenser was definitely finicky with the bulky Trail Boss powder. Had to tap in on the side on both the up and down strokes to get a repeatable charge. Ended up weighing 100% of them to make sure, never saw a variance of more than a tenth of a grain once I got the technique a little more sorted out.

And the first press with the bullet seating die, well... Manual didn't really specify to screw it ALL THE WAY OUT before testing. Oops. Ignore that little guy in the corner.

OAL length is 1.625" +/- 0.002, fits easily in the revolver and didn't look like it was going to compress the powder at all.

Here's 8 different loads, 5 rounds each, from 6.0 to 7.3 grains, heading to the range tomorrow to see how they do.

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