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Originally Posted by prob View Post
If you're just getting started, go with a single stage press. You'll always use it and it's much simpler and less intimidating than a progressive press. When you figure out the loads that work for you, and have mastered the fundamentals, then by all means, buy a progressive press (preferably a Dillon).
Agreed here on this concept. Start single-stage first, for your safety. I did my first 1,000 rounds on an inexpensive ($30) single-stage, which I still use, so it hasn't gone to waste. Ha! Hardly!

Regarding the progressives, there's plenty of time to go for one of those. The various vendors will be just as overjoyed to take your money 6 months from now as they would be today. And while Dillon's certainly good gear, Dillon Precision isn't the only company out here that makes good, useful gear. I use a pair of Lee Pro 1000's and they're great. Others like the Hornady LnL AP. Still others like RCBS's Pro 2000.

You'll know better which, if any, of those progressives to buy after you get some single-stage experience.
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