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Default CZ452 vs CZ455

So I'd like to get one of these sooner than later and have been wondering about the differences between the two.

I have looked at some other forums/threads but have only found two other posts/opinion that was very helpful. Everything else seemed to be some guy saying picking one or the other "because I like it". One that I found was here (first post):

So far it seems like CZ removed the 2nd locking lug on the 455 and no longer uses a threaded barrel but rather use set screws now - I imagine both are not an issue for a 22lr IF executed correctly. Supposedly equal in the accuracy department. Also saw one post on another forum that the trigger for the 452 is a little bit more adjustable but didn't see any other info confirming this (I would really like this). Based on the pictures, all the parts in the 452 look like one giant tool mark, but so do many CZ pistols and I REALLY like them (doesn't seem like this would affect function either).

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