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Originally Posted by HelmandHunter View Post

How long have you been stationed here? Are you in Camp Pendleton? I was the first Marine to attempt a registry of a Semi-Automatic AW here after the rule change requiring the Base Commanders letter. You are misinformed on CamPen BO 5000.2k-2l and the like by even mentioning that upon registry a SA AW would have to be stored in the base armory. The problem is that you are speaking without fully knowing what you are talking about, and that is DANGEROUS. Other Jr. Marines could read this thread and be misinformed, which in turn could be a detriment to their legal well-being.

MATT is 100% correct. The current base admin will not sign off on a letter that states "A bona fide necessity exists for the use of personally owned assault weapons in sanctioned military activities". To insinuate that they would even consider a FA weapon is completely false. Go talk to base legal, then base PMO on mainside.

When I have more time I could post the base orders on weapons. I consider myself well-versed on firearms issues, as I am also a CCW and weapons instructor for Marines here on base. I also teach CA compliance IAW the Fed, state and local laws.

Librarian, Kestryll, or one of the Calguns veterans is likely to thrash you for posting such nonsense.
Good job, I hope this fellow service gets with you offline so you can instruct him on what the proper regs are. I would hate to see someone lose rank or their career for misleading or misunderstood information. In the end it's not worth it
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