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Originally Posted by Squid View Post
they should make a Henry style but in non-jamming bolt action., or lever or whatever.
I agree. To me, a survival rifle needs to be accurate, rugged, and reliable. As much as I love .22LR semis, I can't honestly say I've seen a single one that comes close to even the cheapest bolt gun for those three qualities.

I did have a Charter Arms AR7 about 30 years ago and to call it junk would be an insult to landfills worldwide. I've been told the Henry version is improved but it would have to be really really improved before I'd consider it. The problem with the Early AR7 was not build quality, it was design. Since, at least from what I see, the design is the same, I seriously doubt the claims of it being better. I could be wrong of course. This rifle design has been sold to several different manufacturers who all failed to make it reliable. Henry is only the latest. As another poster said earlier, it's the one and only gun I've owned that I was NOT sad to see go away.

I always thought it was a great idea and would truly like to see one work but from my own experience and from what I've read here and elsewhere, I'm not at all convinced Henry has done any better.

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