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Originally Posted by Saym14 View Post
What if it is disassembled and stored in sep containers?
Under federal constuctive possesion laws even the parts required for FA weapons are themselves considered "machine guns." Though I don't know exactly, I can't imagine CA law being less restrictive.

^100% Wrong

"Active-duty military members residing out of state and assigned to duty in California may bring personally-owned assault weapons into the state. The military member's residence must be in a state that permits private citizens to own and possess assault weapons, and the firearms must be registered with the California Department of Justice prior to the servicemember's arrival in California by submitting the registration form with a copy of the member's Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders."
Again, completely wrong. Machine guns are not even "Assault Weapons" in CA they are "Dangerous Weapons" that require a permit that is impossible to get as a private citizen.

As has already been stated the military provision for personal "Assault Weapons" has been so drastically changed that it is basically impossible to get the permit as no base CO would take responsability for your actions with your weapons.

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