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You asked for an opinion, so here's mine:

Becoming a cop is not something one thinks hap-hazardly of "gee, should I become a cop???? I just don't know????? Hmmmmm." Most cops I know have had a passion and prepared most of their young lives to eventually become a cop. They've had a mind set to become one and have driven their passions further by preparing for some time before applying and testing for the job.

For example, when I was in high school, my buddy and I just dreamed about being a cop. After high school and four years of college, that dream continued and we did everything to prepare for the job and life style. We were ready "mentally."

At age 33, many have become cops. But I've seen many middle aged or "30 something" people drop what their doing in life, only to fail at becoming a cop. Their "head" just wasn't in the right mind set. It's NOT a job or life style like working at a bank, 7-11, sales, or anything else.

It's not a game buddy. If your looking for "excitement," I recommend you stay in your current career and choose some type of exiting hobby instead.

Just my opinion, which isn't worth much.

Originally Posted by cruising7388
As the economy improves I think more departments will be hiring again.
Sorry, but that's not going to happen for a long time. Look at the fiscal projection for 2013. The economy is getting worse. Cali taxes are rising, Fed taxes are rising.... We're screwed. I know, "doom and gloom" here, but one can see it as fact. Didn't Oakland PD not fill like 34 police officer positions recently? San Bernardino city is going bankrupt and they haven't paid into CalPERS for a while.........

Surrrrrrre, the economy is improving. Police departments will always hire here and there, but it's not going to be like it was in the 90's. No more mass hiring.

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