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Originally Posted by Rocksteady1 View Post
I have a pretty good job/career in banking but its not something I'm truly excited about. I'm interest in law enforcement because I feel there would be more excitement. What am I in for? I live north of San Fran and was thinking about CHP or SFPD. About me: no college degree, 33 years old, married no kids. Thoughts, critiques, what have you?
IMO, the value of an LEO job is similar to the three criteria used for real estate - location, location and location. If you work for a local PD or SO, you know where you will be living, you and your wife's circle of friends and the quality of schools fors the kids. With the CHP or a Federal agency, you have little choice of job location at the entry level and promotions invariably involve a transfer to some far away place.

BTW. SFPD just announced openings. Don't know if they are for lateral transfers or entry level positions. As the economy improves I think more departments will be hiring again.
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