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Originally Posted by StudioDison View Post
I just can make up my mind. I want a survival rifle. I am looking at the Henry Ar7, the 10/22 td, and the Savage model 42. I really like the AR7 size break down. I like the Reliability of the Ruger. I like the duel cal of the Savage. I'm concerned with the accuracy of the Henry. It seams weak. I already have a 10/22 that is fully customized.
Any ideas or inputs? Thanx.
Either the Marlin 70PSS or the 10/22 TD would be my recommendation. Given that you have a 10/22 I would buy the TD so you can use the same magazines.

I have one of the 10/22 TD rifles, great little gun, as accurate and reliable as the regular 10/22, and breaks down small enough to fit in the trunk of my bike.
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