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Originally Posted by A Fatal Err View Post
^100% Wrong

"Active-duty military members residing out of state and assigned to duty in California may bring personally-owned assault weapons into the state. The military member's residence must be in a state that permits private citizens to own and possess assault weapons, and the firearms must be registered with the California Department of Justice prior to the servicemember's arrival in California by submitting the registration form with a opy of the member's Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders."

Although for automatic weapons you will need an AWP form to turn in.
This hands down is the worst form of a barracks lawyer, if anyone is dumb enough to listen to you on this topic their idiots. You are reading the CA law literally on this. I could do the same for CA CCW law but does it ever work out that way? No commander will sign off on this paper work for the base commander you know why slick? Probably not, and that is because you have never seen the paper work that goes along with this. It requires the commander to assume responsibility of this weapon and place it in their arms room. Ha you think a commander is going to allow that, you think they want to get the *** chewing from a base commander on why he has this paperwork in front of him? No. There might be a CA law but if you stop playing barracks lawyer go to your Base force protection office and look up the post regulation on weapons registration. I bet you it has something stating all personally owned weapons must be legal to own within the state. You probably should do a little more research before giving vague information
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