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Originally Posted by Rocksteady1 View Post
I have a pretty good job/career in banking but its not something I'm truly excited about. I'm interest in law enforcement because I feel there would be more excitement. What am I in for? I live north of San Fran and was thinking about CHP or SFPD. About me: no college degree, 33 years old, married no kids. Thoughts, critiques, what have you?
I will relate you my current situation because my career is very similar. I currently work for a company making a little over 100k per year, indoors, not very stressful, and also without a college degree( gen ed done, but need two more years for a BS or BA). About 6 months ago I thought long and hard about it and decided to make the change (I had been contemplating it for a few years). I applied to the city and county because both are holding paid academies. And as of yesterday i signed a conditional job offer with one of them and I start the academy in January.

I am happy with the decision I made. Even though I will take a paycut, I knew from the first ride along I went on that it was the career for me. I would rather make less money doing something that is challenging, rewarding, and exciting than the current office job I have.

I will say that this particular forum has a lot of great members that can help you with questions/advice. I have to publicly thank the member Retired because he helped me numerous times through PM's. He has served many years and gave me a good perspective on what to expect in the application process. Good luck
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