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Dillon XL650:
Most bells and whistles for 2 calibers, say 9mm and .223, it was around $1400 w/the case feeder (no adding cases manually one-by-one, nor manually cycling every round after ever crank on the handle like you have to on the 550b).
If you have it, drop the cash on an XL650, and you will be happy @ a rate of (after you get the hang of it) about 300/hour for 9mm, and maybe 200+/hour on .223... being careful.

If you don't have a chunk of change for an investment of $1400, there are MANY options that are available, all w/great quality, and most people rave about their press no matter who made it.

Just remember you will not save a penny reloading, you will just shoot 2-3 times more for the same price as people buying retail ammo.

There are extras that you forget about such as a tumbler, media/media separator, case trimmer (for rifle brass), primer pocket swagger, case gauge(s for rifle), and such that add to the cost, but you only have to buy those once, just like the press as most reloading equipment has a lifetime warranty AFAIK.

You can always sell your equipment for almost what you paid if you don't like it right here on this forum... I keep reading.
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