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Originally Posted by michael19 View Post
Being a N.R.A. Life (Patron) member myself, I plan to give these Life memberships to several of my nieces and nephews, ranging in age from around thirteen to around twenty-four.
Is there any restriction on ages of people to whom these Life memberships can be given to? (i.e. can they be minors?)
None, I have boys aged ten - one that are life members this way

Originally Posted by michael19 View Post
Maybe this is a little off-topic for N.R.A. Life membership, but...
I upgraded my N.R.A. membership to Patron in 2000.
I have seen some forum posts about a deal to upgrade N.R.A. membership a level for $250.
I would not mind upgrading my Patron membership to Benefactor membership for that kind of price.
Is that deal still going on?
I think that is every now and then. Not aware that this is happening. Give them a call
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