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Default Remington R25 and DPMS .308 owners get in here! Which mags?

OK boys, I just bailed out my R25 that I picked up from another CG'er. I cleaned and lubed, mounted my glass and off to the range I go. First round, bang, second round, FTF. Tap, rack, no bang, visual inspection revealed a failure to feed a round.

I clear the stoppage, break it down, put it back together, aim in, bang, bang, then click, another FTF, same problem, the rifle isn't chambering a second round. round in the mag, sometimes it I used 2 different, 10 rd DPMS mags. I had it zeroed in 4 rounds but decided to put another 50 rds through it to diagnose the issue.

I'm pretty sure the mags are the issue, if I manually chamber a round, it goes bang, each time, for some reason, this rifle doesn't like the DPMS mags which is odd given the fact that it's basically a DPMS with an Remington stamp so WTF?!

It's a shame, this thing is a laser. It just won't feed reliably.

What mags are you guys using on this rifle?

Please help, I'm FHL bound and wanna use this to slam some ham.

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