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Go with a Dillon. 650 is my choice. If you buy anything else you will eventually end up with the 650 so why waste you money and buy the best there is. A single stage press is for competition shooters that shoot 1/2 inch groups at 200 yards. And that is if they turn the necks, polish the flash holes, weigh each bullet and true them up before loading. If you just want to shoot targets out to 500 yards a progressive press is the right tool. My motto is cry once and buy the best. Otherwise after you mess with the cheap stuff or a single stage press you will lose money unloading it to buy what you should have bought in the first place. Hook up with somebody that already reloads and load up a couple thousand rounds on their press and see what you think. If you only shoot a few hundred rounds a year I wouldn't bother reloading. If you shoot 1,000's then reload with a progressive. I have a Lee progressive press that I would like to unload. Only bought it because at the time Dillon didn't make the shell plate, etc. for the 500 Magnum. Now that Dillon has the conversion kit the Lee is surplus. It worked way harder to resize and deprime than the Dillon.
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