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Originally Posted by MotoriousRacing View Post
Woot! Picked up the pistol today; my first pistol ever. I already loaded up on CCI mini-mags, and today bought 8 mags from CTD. I am looking forward to getting to the range.

Does anyone want to recommend or warn against the McFadden .22 Auto Ultimate Clip Loader?
I have a Prime account so I get free shipping. $24 is less than CTD.

Anybody have a better reloading device/system? Thanks.
Congrats on your new pistol. I use a UCL for my Ruger. THE best & first accessory IMO one should get for their Ruger or Browning. Whenever someone mentions purchasing a Buckmark or MK series, I always recommend they also get the UCL as well {they're that great}
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