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Originally Posted by Boogaloo View Post
I called the BATFE today and was told that I should pass on this one. I agreed and shared that information with the customer. It is just not worth it for the $50.00 I would make on the sale. I advised the customer that he would have to wait until his restriction clears in February.

His next question was : "Well, can she come in and buy a different gun?" I said I was not comfortable selling her one, now that I know what I know, particularly since they live together. I am implicated if something goes wrong, or it has the appearance of a straw purchase when I get audited.

I made all of the appropriate calls to DOJ and BATFE for clarification. Sharing here may help another new FFL in the future. I am not too proud to ask questions that may be second nature to you, the more "seasoned" FFL's.

My customer completely understands, and I am going to hold this particular gun for him until February when his restriction falls off. I am not going to sell his girlfriend another gun either.
Smart move! I'm sure it will all work out for him. Good luck!
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