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Originally Posted by DS94901 View Post
I have a Romanian stock with the black stripe on the end and although i've stripped it as much as i think is possible and sanded from 100, 220, 280, I still can't get rid of some remaining black. I'm afraid to sand it down any further. Should I bleach it?

I'm refinishing the furniture on a Maadi kit and the upper handguard is much darker than the lower. I think I'm going to try staining with sedona red to try and get them a little closer to each other but I'd love any suggestions if anyone has any.
I haven't had that problem but I will say that sanding it down more is a bad idea. If the stripper won't get it out I would consider leaving it depending on how bad it is. Also, the colors of the pieces never really match quite right, it's just how they were, if you want them to match you can bleach them (I've never done that) but to look "correct" they don't need to match.
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