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Let me state: I am cheap, real cheap!. So this is not a case of " Lets throw a lot of money at the problem, and see what happens" Go for a little more bucks a buy a good scope. I have a Nikon Rimfire and love it. That is after going though a bunch of cheap scopes. Total cost of all the cheapies, more that the Nikon.
Cheap scopes have poor clarity at high mag. If you are target shooting a spending alot of time looking thought the scope, this become irriating quicky. Can even give you a headache. Some will not hold zero, adding more fustration.
I know, it does not make sense at first to spend just as much on the scope as the rifle. But it is still the best investment you can make. So save your pennies and go for good glass. You will not regret it.
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