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Originally Posted by Clee View Post
$600 got Ram and others here 3 days with Frank Proctor that included a night shoot and all day instruction.

$600 will get you 3 days with Jim Smith of Spartan Tactical. You know the Delta sniper who was in the first Blackhawk that went down in Somalia and after dusting his ragged destroyed body from the wreckage he climbs out of the bird and engages Somalis, keeping them away until he and his crew could be rescued. Now that guy you teach you something about mindset and fighting.

From what I've read Kyle Lamb 3 day is somewhere in that price range if not a bit more.

List goes on and on...
the frank proctor class was 30 hours worth of instruction... 3 days and 2 night shoots... huge bargain for the knowledge and training he was providing
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