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Lifting the door off of my safe was a great help in moving it,lots of weight on that door 1/4" plus frame and fire proofing.
I used a floor jack to lift it off the hinges,placed it on blocks,then used a heavy duty dolly to move it with another guy into the house. It was a lot easier moving the safe with the extra 300# or so off of it and it was still a pain in the @ ss. that sucker was heavy!

Also,unless your safe is mounted in a corner or something, the advantage of opening the door past 90 degrees is a big plus.

Some Mfg. may offer you the option of hinges on the left or right,depending on what works best for you.

I looked at Sturdy, the only reason I didn't drive down there and pick one up was the fact that they had limited exterior finishes at that time,they look like a great safe though. I went with a Sun Welding optioned how I wanted it.
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