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Originally Posted by Clee View Post
$600!!! Yikes.

2 day courses from:
Vickers/Pannone/Hackathorn/McPhee/McNamara $525
Defoor/Harrington/Howe $450
Proctor $475

Seems a bit overpriced compared to other instructors with more real world experience.

Ram you're way more open minded than I'll ever be!
Wow that is amazingly overpriced and I totally agree with your line of thinking. I paid $450 for a stellar advanced handgun class with Kyle Defoor and $525 for an upcoming handgun TAPS course with Pat McNamara.

I have not trained with Chris Costa and don't plan on it, but he is probably the biggest celebrity instructor on the internet and he only charges $665 for three days of training.

I could be wrong though, none of the people I mentioned are certified CFS instructors which could explain the price difference.
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